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Lorton Police Department
The police department has appointed Capt. Richard Morvillo as the first station commander in Lorton. He is charged with beginning to develop community relationships with existing advisory committees and homeowners’ associations, Stancampiano said.
Morvillo will work with consultant Shirley Ginwright, who is leading community-relationship and civic-engagement efforts for the station. She plans to establish a community advisory committee for Lorton just like the police force’s other stations have, and she would like to create a panel of HOA presidents and vice presidents to foster communication between the police and the neighborhoods that will be served by the station.
The idea is to build trust between the police and the people they serve, and to educate residents about the job of law enforcement.
“It’s just so important to me that the community understands the work of the police department,” Ginwright said.
Those who wear badges aren’t there just to write tickets, she said. They’re fellow human beings tackling the difficult task of maintaining safety in a given jurisdiction.
“The police officers are not your enemies,” she said.
County Supervisor Dan Storck, whose Mount Vernon District includes Lorton, said the area has seen a lot of growth and development over the past two decades and that he was proud to have led major investments in a co-located community center, library and park; several new schools and fire stations; the Workhouse Arts Center, and other amenities.
“The Lorton police station and animal shelter is the next to come on line and will provide faster response times and a stronger public safety presence for all in the South County area, by adding a police district and shrinking the coverage of the surrounding police districts,” the Democrat said in an emailed statement.